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League Information


Peoria Sandtrappers Golf League is a group of mostly retired golfers who get together to play the game they love.  We do not discriminate on the basis of age, playing ability, race, nationality, or gender.  Emphasis is on fun, fellowship, variety, and friendly competition.  We schedule 25 golf outings on Thursday mornings and 4 on Monday mornings. We play a shotgun start on a variety of local and area courses with different foursome pairings each week, Each week players are flighted: A, B, C, or D and each foursome has one player from each flight.  We play what we call "Sandtrapper Golf" which is essentially a shamble with some relaxed rules to reduce stress and speed up play. A couple times a season, we play best-ball scrambles and also a few flighted events where we put A/B players in foursomes and the C/D players in other foursomes. We also provide an optional fellowship lunch after some of the events. 

Members are encouraged to use the website ( for weekly information and sign-up.  Sign-up should be made no later than 4:00 pm on Monday of each week.  Foursomes are set and published on Wednesday morning.  (If you have an emergency and need to cancel after foursomes are set, please contact Jim Blane at 309-258-8773, Roy Saatkamp at 309-335-6862or Roger Nelson at 309-424-6606.)  

There are four Monday events this year.  The deadline to sign-up for a Monday event is the Thursday before the event at 4:00 pm.  Foursomes are set and published on the Saturday before the event.  (If you have an emergency and need to cancel after foursomes are set, please contact Jim Blane at 309-258-8773Roy Saatkamp at 309-335-6862or Roger Nelson at 309-424-6606.)   

We encourage members to play as much or as little as they desire or their schedule accomodates. Dues for the full season are $20 player.  Each week, players kick-in $5.00 to a prize pool which is awarded according to how well each foursome does, (considering handicaps), and players' total winnings are distributed at the end of the season.



Pace of Play— An individual’s score on any one hole is limited to eight (8), so if you are lying seven (7), and are not yet in the hole, pick up and take an eight (8).  Play “ready golf” and do your best to keep up with the group in front of you.

Prize Fund—A fee of $5 is collected each week when you check in to play.  TEAM PRIZES are announced after each event and are based on Net scores; prize money is awarded based on the amount of money collected at each event.  Individual winnings are recorded, accumulated and paid at the end of the season.

Handicaps—Handicaps are based on 90% of the difference between your average score and 70.  Handicaps do not include scores in the scramble events.

Modified Winter Rules – In all events we play modified winter rules where it is permissible to improve your lie by moving your ball with your club head a maximum of six inches, except when the ball lies in a sand trap or other hazard.  This does not allow “lift, clean, and place” nor does it allow moving the ball from rough to fairway (or vice-versa).

Sandtrapper Golf

Sandtrapper golf is a game where the standard rules of golf are modified in order to enhance enjoyment, reduce stress, and improve pace of play; yet retain the challenge of golf while maintaining fair and friendly competition.  Modifications are:

Sandtrapper’s Golf League usually plays a modified shamble format that we call “Sandtrapper Golf”. We occasionally play a best-ball scramble. The format to be played is listed on the schedule on this website.

USGA Rules apply unless specifically modified.

Sandtrapper Golf: Everyone hits a tee shot, then each player chooses one of those tee shots, drops his ball within one club length of that ball (same area i.e. fairway or rough) and plays his ball to the hole keeping his own score. Maximum number of strokes - 8.

Tee shots: All players in the group hit a tee shot. If the group is a threesome, the players alternate hitting a fourth tee shot on each hole. A tee shot hit out-of-bounds is out of play and one of the other tee shots must be used. Players do not all have to choose the same tee shot to use for their second shot.

Mulligans: Each player has two per round. They cannot be used for a tee shot or on the green but may be used in a sand trap. Mulligans cannot be used in best-ball scrambles. NEW in 2023 - a player may choose either to use the ball position of the original shot or the mulligan. A mulligan has been used regardless of choice of ball positions. Mulligans may be used back-to-back.

Provisional (mulligan) ball: This rule has been dropped. It was introduced in 2021, but it seemed to cause more confusion than benefit.

Improvement of lie: A player may improve the lie of his ball by moving it with the club head a maximum of 6”, except when it is in a sand trap or other hazard. Ball cannot be moved from rough to fairway or vice versa. This does not allow “lift, clean and place”.

Gimmes: NEW in 2023 - A player may pick up his own putt that is "inside the leather" (defined as the distance from putter head to bottom of grip) on a standard putter. Simple rule; simple purpose: speed up play. The temptation is to abuse the rule and that does speed up play, but at the expense of fairness to other players.

Lost Ball: If after a reasonable attempt (USGA says 3 minutes) a player cannot find his ball, he may drop a ball where he expected it to be. One stroke penalty.

Out-of-bounds: If a shot is hit out-of-bounds, a player may drop one club length from the point the ball crossed the OB line. One stroke penalty.

Ball hit into water: USGA rules apply. Options are to replay shot, drop on line from flag through point where shot crossed into hazard or drop in a Drop Zone, if such exists. If ball went into a lateral (red) hazard the player also has the option to drop a ball laterally two club lengths away. One stroke penalty. 

Bunker (sand trap): A player may drop within one club length outside the trap, no closer to the hole. One stroke penalty. Or a player may use a mulligan in the sand trap.

Ball close to a tree, bush or evergreen: If a player’s swing is impeded by a tree, bush or evergreen, he may drop the ball up to one club length away without penalty. This is to gain a safe swing path, not to gain an open shot path to the green or fairway

Forward tees: Players age 80 and older may use the next tee box forward of the rest of the field, if such is available. This acknowledges that age may reduce the distance on drives but not the love of the game of golf.

Ball on cart path, in standing water, or in an area marked Ground Under Repair: Player may move ball, not closer to the hole, to a position that removes the ball from the situation - no penalty.

Rules last updated: 3/21/2023


Sandtrapper League 2024 Leadership Team:
Roger Nelson, Co-Leader and Weekly Event Coordinator    309-424-6606
Roy Saatkamp, Co-Leader and Weekly Event Coordinator    309-335-6862
Jerry Morey, Treasurer and Membership Coordinator    309-369-4488
Al Kuhlmann, Weekly Event Results and Website Coordinator    309-657-1427
Steve Bare, Yellow Vest Coordinator    309-453-2604  
Terry Tate, Secretary and Registration Desk Coordinator    309-657-1840
Mike Allison, Special Events Coordinator    309-222-7628
Jim Blane, Pairings Coordinator    309-258-8773
Charlie Stewart, Administrative Support    309-264-9423