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Welcome, Sandtrappers! New & Returning Members & Guests!


Hello! and WELCOME to the Sandtrappers Golf League website! 

Sandtrappers is the fastest growing League in the Peoria Metropolitan area

To learn more about our Thursday Morning Men's League

contact  Jerry Morey, Treasurer/Membership Secretary    309-369-4488 for more information.

Everyone is welcome - from 18 to ???.

You do not have to be retired or live in Peoria to join.


Sandtrappers May 29th, 2020, League Update:

Your Leadership Team has completed our discussions with the golf courses we had scheduled to play in June this season. It appears we will be able to go forward in some form with all of those. The format is dependent on the next set of restrictions in place at the time.
  • To avoid any confusion with those that signed up early before restrictions were in place and may now choose not to play, we have deleted all sign-ups for all events you had previously signed up for. Effective immediately you may sign-up for The Rail and ISU-Weibring. Let's wait for further developments and clarity before we sign-up for any later events. Thanks for your cooperation! 
  • We will not charge any dues for the 2020 season until we can go forward with more regular Sandtrapper events. At that point, we will adjust our season dues proportional to the remaining length of the season. 
  • Sign Up for the Rail is locked. Please contact Roger Nelson if you would like to play.
  • ISU-Weibring is full. Place your name on the waitlist if you would like to play.
News and Results from our outing at Metamora Fields on May 28:
It was great to be back on the course. We were a little bit surprised that MF had us playing foursomes, but it was particularly enjoyable to get just a little bit closer to normalcy during these trying times.   After a few early light showers, those of us who played enjoyed a nice day on a nice (albeit a little soggy) golf course, with great company.  Scores were respectable given that it was the first time out for many.
Congratulations to the team of Michael Haig, Jim Steffen, Bob Beschorner, and David Redfield who somewhat decisively took first place for the day.  They will each be awarded a sleeve of our Sandtrapper logoed golf balls.  An additional pat on the back (but no second sleeve of golf balls) go to Michael Haig for the lowest gross score of the day (74) and to Bob Beschorner for the lowest net score of the day (64).
A note of congratulations is in order to all 43 players who played today.  While we had a couple of late adjustments yesterday, we did not have a single late cancellation or no-show this morning.  That makes our life so much easier.
Current plans for our June scheduled courses are:
  • (Note watch weekly for any changes as we get more clarity on restrictions):

  • (Sign-up or resign-up starting May 22nd.)

  1. June 4th: The Rail - 8:00 Scheduled Tee Times Start, everyone rides - $40 - Sandtrapper Golf
  2. June 11th: ISU Wiebring: 7:30 Scheduled Tee Times start - $36 Riding, $21 Walking - Sandtrapper Golf
  3. June 18th - Newman: 8:00 Scheduled Tee Times start - $29.25 Riding, $? Walking - Sandtrapper Golf
  4. June 25th - Kewanee Dunes: 8:30 Scheduled Tee Times start - $25 everyone rides (?) - Sandtrapper Golf
  5. July 2nd - Pine Lakes: 8:00 Scheduled Tee times start - $34 Riding, ($) Walking - A/B, C/D Flighted Event
What you need to know:
- Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your tee time, and keep a generous social distance from the players gathering to start - and be positionied to start if play proceeds faster than scheduled.
- Practice social distancing and use of face-covering when appropriate.
- Note and follow the course restrictions. i.e. don't touch flag poles or any surfaces, the clubhouse will be closed, rake sandtraps with your foot, etc. 
- Bring your won water and snacks, avoid public drinking foutains and ball washers
Stay tuned for the next updates...
Our 2020 Events are now posted! 
We have added another Premier Course, The Rail, on the North Side of Springfield, just 1 Hour & 9 Minutes from Richwoods High School, to our schedule this Year!
Also Added this year is a One-Time Special Monday Event, July 27th, that many of Our Members Have Requested: El Paso Golf Club
Spread the word! Invite your friends and golfing buddies!

Deadline to Register or Withdraw is Noon Monday the week before (10 days before) our Thursday Event each Week.

Note: Scroll down this page to see the Events List:   On Tuesday, after the foursomes are announced, you can go to the event for that Thursday and click on "Players" to see your status and who else is signed up to play. You can then click on"Foursomes" to find your foursome and the other players in your foursome.


Note: Watch for an email from Tom Custis for the results each week.

See Our 2020 Events Listed Below! 

    2020 Schedule Sandtrappers    
Date Start Event/Course Location Event # Game (if not S/Trp)
16-Apr Noon Opening Luncheon      
23-Apr 9:00am Kellogg L 1 Straight. Scramble
30-Apr 8:30am Mt. Hawley CC L 2  
7-May 8:30am Pine Lakes L 3  
14-May 9:00am Prairie Vista A 4  
21-May 9:00am Lake Bracken CC R 5  
28-May 8:30am Metamora Fields L 6 A/B/C/D Flighted
4-Jun 9:00am The Rail R 7  
11-Jun 8:30am ISU/Weibring A 8  
18-Jun 8:00am Newman L 9  
25-Jun 8:30am Kewanee Dunes R 10  
2-Jul 8:00am Pine Lakes L 11 AB/CD Flighted
9-Jul 8:00am Parkview L 12  
16-Jul 8:30am Bunker Links R 13  
23-Jul 8:00am Kellogg L 14  
27-Jul 8:30am El Paso R 15  
30-Jul 8:30am Ironwood A 16  
6-Aug 8:00am Coyote Creek L 17 Straight. Scramble
13-Aug 9:00am Pontiac Elks R 18  
20-Aug 8:30am Edgewood Park A 19  
27-Aug 8:00am Lick Creek L 20  
3-Sep 9:00am Lincoln Elks R 21  
10-Sep 8:30am Metamora Fields L 22  
17-Sep 8:30am Newman L 23 AB/CD Flighted
24-Sep 9:00am Baker Park R 24  
1-Oct 8:30am Weaver Ridge L 25  
8-Oct 9:00am The Den A 26  
15-Oct 9:00am Soangetaha CC R 27  
22-Oct 9:00am Kellogg L 28  
29-Oct 6:00pm Banquet at Barracks      

Interested in joining? Contact one of these Leaders

Jerry Morey, Membership Secretary - - 309-369-4488

Ken Dawson, Co-Leader - Administration - cell: (309) 360-9006

Roger Nelson, Co-Leader - Event Management - - cell: (309) 424-6606
Sandtrapper League 2020 Leadership Team:
Ken Dawson, Co-Leader  focused on Administration    309-360-9006
Roger Nelson, Co-Leader focused on Events Management    309-424-6606
Jerry Morey, Treasurer/Membership Secretary    309-369-4488
Tom Custis,  Event Results Coordinator    309-213-5353
Dennis Forcum, Secretary /GCR Coordinator   309-696-7310
Al Kuhlmann, Web-Site Coordinator   309-657-1427
Scott Jordan, Special events Coordinator   309-453-5478
Steve Bare, Yellow Vest Coordinator    309-453-2604  



General League Information

Peoria Sandtrappers Golf League is a group of golfers who get together to play the game they love.  We do not discriminate on the basis of age, playing ability, race, nationality, or gender.  Emphasis is on fun, fellowship, variety, and friendly competition.  We schedule 27 events, most played on Thursday mornings (exceptions for holiday conflicts, or weather make-ups).  We play on a variety of local and area courses, with different foursome pairings each week.  For variety, a few times a year we play some form of a scramble format.  Most weeks we play “Sandtrapper Golf”, which is described below.  When we play a different format or the course we are playing has specific instructions, information will be communicated the week prior to the event.  We encourage our members to participate in as many events as possible, regardless of location or format.

Members are encouraged to use the website ( for weekly information and sign-up.  Sign-up should be made no later than 4pm on Monday of each week.  Foursomes are set and published on Tuesday.  (If you have an emergency and need to cancel after foursomes are set, please contact Ken Dawson at (309) 360-9006.)

Pace of Play—All players must use riding golf carts.  An individual’s score on any one hole is limited to eight (8), so if you are lying seven (7), and are not yet in the hole, pick up and take an eight (8).  Play “ready golf” and do your best to keep up with the group in front of you.

Prize Fund—A fee of $5 is collected each week when you check in to play.  TEAM PRIZES are announced after each event; prize money is awarded based on the amount of money collected at each event.  Individual winnings are recorded, accumulated and paid at the end of the season.

Handicaps—Handicaps are based on 90% of the difference between your average score and 70.  Handicaps do not include scores in the scramble events.

Modified Winter Rules – In all events we play modified winter rules where it is permissible to improve your lie by moving your ball with your club head a maximum of six inches, except when the ball lies in a sand trap or other hazard.  This does not allow “lift, clean, and place” nor does it allow moving the ball from rough to fairway (or vice-versa).

Sandtrapper Golf

Sandtrapper golf is a game where the standard rules of golf are modified in order to enhance enjoyment, reduce stress, and improve pace of play; yet retain the challenge of golf while maintaining fair and friendly competition.  Modifications are:

Drives—All players drive.  Each player chooses one of the four drives, and drops his ball within a club length (no closer to the hole).  Each player then plays his own ball from that point in to the hole. (If a group is playing as a threesome, the players alternate hitting a fourth drive on each hole.)

Mulligans—A player is allowed two mulligans per round.  These may be taken at any time during the eighteen holes except NOT on a drive, NOT on the green, and NOT in any sand trap or other hazard. A player must announce that a mulligan is being hit at the spot of the original shot. Once a mulligan is hit it must be played even if it is worse than the original shot.  Since the second mulligan may be played at any time, it is permissible to take your second mulligan in lieu of playing your first mulligan (but then you are out of mulligans for the remainder of the round.)

Gimmees—A player, at his own discretion only, may pick up a putt that is less than 18 inches.  Such a pick-up will count as one stroke.

Lost Ball—If after a reasonable attempt, a player cannot find his ball, he may drop a ball in the vicinity where he expected it to be and take a one-stroke penalty.

Out-of-Bounds—If a shot, other than a drive, is hit out-of-bounds a player may drop a ball within a club length of where he estimates it crossed the out-of-bounds line and take a one-stroke penalty.  A drive hit out-of-bounds is out-of play, and one of the other drives must be chosen for the next shot.

Ball hit into water—Move ball to ball-drop area; if no ball drop area, anywhere behind water in a straight line back from the pin; in either case a one-stroke penalty applies.  If the ball has cleared the water hazard and rolled back in, the next shot may be taken from the far side of the water within two club lengths of where the ball entered the water, but no closer to the hole than the spot where the ball re-crossed the margin of the hazard.  A one-stroke penalty applies.

Sand Trap—A player whose ball is in a sand trap may, at his own discretion, pick up his ball and drop it outside the trap and NO CLOSER TO THE HOLE; one-stroke is added to the players score if this option is elected.

Note: In any of these cases involving a penalty, a player may attempt to avoid the penalty by using one of his mulligans (if one is still available).

Ball in close proximity to a tree trunk—player may move ball up to two club lengths from base of the trunk of the tree, not closer to the hole—No penalty.

Ball in a bush or evergreen tree—player whose ball is inside a bush or evergreen, or so close that his swing is impeded, may move ball up to one club length outside the edge of the bush or evergreen, not closer to the hole—No penalty.

Ball on cart path, in an area marked Ground Under Repair, or in standing water—player may move ball, not closer to the hole, to a position that removes ball from the situation—No penalty.

Application of all Sandtrapper Golf Modifications

Actual on-course application of the modifications that have been adopted is up to the individual player.  A player may always choose to follow the regular rules of golf.  We trust in the individual’s honesty, integrity, and sense of fair play, to avoid abuse of these modifications that are intended to make the game more enjoyable for all. Abuses that have been observed, and are discouraged include: (1) picking up a putt that is clearly outside the guidelines for a “gimmee”; (2) clearly improving your lie by dropping a ball well outside the one or two club length guidelines, or by dropping it in the fairway when the shot is in the rough; (3) making any drop closer to the hole; (4) using more than two mulligans; and (5) intentionally giving the score keeper an incorrect tally of your strokes.

Rules last updated: 3/15/2020