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Welcome, Sandtrappers! New & Returning Members & Guests!


Hello! and WELCOME to the Sandtrappers Golf League website! 

Sandtrappers is the fastest growing League in the Peoria Metropolitan area

To learn more about our Thursday Morning Men's League

contact  Jerry Morey, Treasurer/Membership Secretary    309-369-4488 for more information.

Everyone is welcome - from 18 to ???.

You do not have to be retired or live in Peoria to join.

2021 Planning Update:

Our 2021 Schedule is complete with the exception of the Bloomington courses which we can't confirm until January when their new point of sales software is operational. Our season starts at Newman on Thursday, April 29, 2021, and concludes at Kellogg on October 14th. That is one week later starting and one week earlier finishing than the past few seasons. We have added four Monday events to our schedule, the third Monday in May-August. That lets us add El Paso GC, Lake Bracken CC, Arrowhead CC, and Soangetaha CC to prime season dates. Wolf Creek, Deer Park, and Pekin CC are back on the schedule this year. That makes for 29 events at 25 different courses, one more than the past few seasons in each case. The 2021 planned schedule has now been posted on this site. There are still some detais to work, and in some cases the final pricing.

Seasons' Greetings, Sandtrappers!

Covid-19 is impacting our Thanksgiving celebration and Christmas plans this year, just as it impacted our 2020 golf season. We hope your family celebrations this season are wonderful in spite of the challenges.

Our 2020 Sandtrapper season got off to a really slow start, but as restrictions eased we were able to get into full swing and finish strong. Your Leadership Team is extremely grateful for the wonderful cooperation we enjoyed from everyone throughout the season. You adapted so well to the Covid restrictions which allowed us to get back to shotgun starts and filling the courses. The quick recovery led to us averaging 65 players per event for the year, hitting as many as 70 - 72 six times compared to 83 per event in 2019. This in spite of the fact that more than three dozen of our members elected not to play due to Covid concerns. You were also great about spreading the word and inviting your friends as we added 16 new members this year.

We began in 2017 to build a bit of a cushion in our treasury, which had traditionally been rather lean. As a result, we started this year with $6,000 in the bank, (about what it would cost us if for any reason we had to move to a commercial website solution.) With the slow and restricted start this season we elected to cut our dues in half from $20 to $10. Still, we were able to end the year with about $4,000 in the bank. Many thanks to Jerry Morey, our Treasurer and Membership Secretary, for his many hours and hard work to collect the fees every week and manage the cash flow and accounting. That was service above and beyond!

We also must thank Roger Nelson for his leadership at every event, Steve Bare for always being there to greet and direct us, Dennis Forcum for being our safe source for information at the old prize table every week, and Tom Custis for doing all the post-round prize calculations and results announcing.  In the background, Al Kuhlman managed our website experience, Ken Dawson dealt with administrative stuff, Scott Jordan arranged and then postponed our Annual Luncheon and Banquet arrangements and arranged our event at the Rail for the first time in recent memory. Thanks to them and all their helpers during the season as well. The good news is that your leadership Team remains intact for 2021!

We tailored two surveys at the end of the season: One to the active members who played and paid dues this season, and one with two additional questions to members who did not pay dues or play this season probing why they did not play this year and their intention about playing next year, Thanks to the 89 Active Members and 39 Inactive Members who responded to our Surveys. Significant results include:

 - We are playing your favorite courses for the most part and will develop our 2021 schedule guided by your preferences.

- The experiment to schedule a course on a Monday (ElPaso GC), was very well received and you want to continue that on 3 - 4 Mondays next year.

- Many of you are willing to help out at least occasionally with greeting players and collecting money at our events. (Important Note: We can't trace your responses to the survey, so if you are willing to help, please reply to this email with your name,and where you are willing to help: Find Carts, Prize table, or Leadership Team).

- 36 of our 2019 active members choose not to play due to Covid concerns and 32 of them expect to play at least some in 2021, assuming Covid is much less of an issue.

Your Leadership Team is actively developing the 2021 schedule right now, contacting courses to lock in dates, conducting an annual exam of our Sandtrapper Rules, and investigating alternatives for collecting fees at our events in 2021. So your continued support is appreciated.

Have a rich and blessed holiday season and we all look forward to a spectacular 2021!

Your Sandtrapper Leadership Team


State of Illinois Phase 4 Golf Guidelines:

Minimum Guidelines:

Dual-rider Motorized golf carts and pull carts are permitted. If two people who do

not live in the same household share a cart, they should both wear face coverings

while in the cart. Golf courses shall sanitize each cart after each use.

Player Minimum Guidelines

1. Any players with any symptoms of COVID-19, should not play.

2. In addition, any players from a household with someone with symptoms of

COVID-19 should not play.

3. Players and employees should maintain social distance (at least 6 feet) on

practice areas, tees, greens, and throughout the round.


Encouraged Best Practices

4. Players should handle their own balls.

5. Players should leave the flag in place while putting.

6. Players should bring hand sanitizer with them and use during your round and at

the end.

7. Players should bring their own supply of balls, tees, ball markers, and any other

equipment needed to play golf.

8. Players should bring their own source of water.

9. No handshakes at the beginning of the round or at the 18th hole.

Questions remain; however, regarding some specifics of our League events…

Remaining Questions we have been addressing and for which we have developed guidelines include:

  1. Should we go to a Shotgun Start or stay with Consecutive Tee Times?

    Phase 4 Sandtrapper League Guideline:
     a) We will move to a shotgun start for our hot weather events (during the months of July and August), assuming the host courses agree We will revisit that policy during August to determine how effectively and safely our shotgun starts are proceeding and consider if we should return to consecutive tee times in September and October as the weather seasonally cools.

  2. With a shotgun start, how do we minimize the chance of spreading the virus during the gathering period as 60 - 80 or more of us gather to play?

Phase 4 Sandtrapper League Shotgun Start Guidelines:
a) Our League will continue to pre-register all players online at our website at least one week in advance of each event as usual.

b) Once registered, the player must mail a check to cover the Course Fee AND the $5.00 Prize Pool to our League Treasurer, Jerry Morey no later than the Friday before each event His mailing address is: 13408 North Bay Berry Court  --  Chillicothe, Illinois  --  61523.

c) On arriving at the course each player is to responsible to check in with the volunteer coordinator wearing a yellow vest to report his arrival and get directions to the general location of his cart.

d) We recommend and encourage wearing a face covering (mask) during our gathering time at the course when we are not able to consistently maintain social distance. Avoid potential areas of congestion such as practice greens as much as possible.

3)   What is our policy regarding carts? Are we expected to ride two per cart? Can I ride a cart be myself if I have need?

                Phase 4 Sandtrapper league Golf Cart Guidelines:

  1. Due to the available inventory of carts at each course and the number of league players, the State guidelines of two players per cart is necessary.  
  2. As each foursome/group assembles at their carts they will need to jointly consider the State’s and our League’s recommendation that players riding together in a cart wear face masks while together in the cart. We ask that each player is sensitive to the need of any player preferring that masks be worn. Within each foursome the players need to assign their carts so that those wanting or agreeable to wear masks ride together and those not feeling a need to, or agreeable not to, wear masks ride together.
    Note: In some cases a course may be able to and willing to allow exceptions for a single rider cart. In some cases, the course may charge a premium for a single rider cart. Any player desiring to reserve a single rider cart must contact the course in advance and make the necassary arrangements with the course. The player must then pay the course any additional premium required on arrival at the course.

  1. What about post-round lunches?

    Phase 4 Sandtrapper League Post-Round Lunch Guideline:
    a) Due to the many variables course-to-course, no official post-round lunches will be organized. Food will be available to purchase at some courses. Our weekly announcements will communicate the availability of food at the course each week.
Spread the word! Invite your friends and golfing buddies!

Deadline to Register or Withdraw is Friday the week before our Thursday Event each Week.

Note: Scroll down this page to see the Events List:   On Tuesday, after the foursomes are announced, you can go to the event for that Thursday and click on "Players" to see your status and who else is signed up to play. You can then click on"Foursomes" to find your foursome and the other players in your foursome.
Note: Watch for an email from Tom Custis for the results each week.
    Sandtrappers 2021 Schedule     
Date Start Event/Course Location Event Non-Sandtrapper
4/22 12:00pm   Opening Luncheon Five Points    
4/29 8:30am Newman L 1  
5/6 8:30am Mt. Hawley CC L 2  
5/13 9:00am ISU/Weibring A 3 AB/CD Flighted
5/17 (M) 9:00am El Paso R 4  
5/20 9:00am Kewanee Dunes A 5  
5/27 8:30am Pine Lakes L 6  
6/3 8:00am Metamora Fields L 7 A/B/C/D Flighted
6/10 9:00am The Rail R 8  
6/17 8:00am Kellogg L 9  
6/21 (M) 8:30am Lake Bracken CC R 10  
6/24 8:30am Prairie Vista A 11  
7/1 8:00am Lick Creek L 12 Straight Scramble
7/8 8:30am Spring Creek R 13  
7/15 8:30am Wolf Creek R 14  
7/19 (M) 8:00am Arrowhead CC L 15  
7/22 8:00am Pine Lakes L 16  
7/29 8:30am Ironwood A 17  
8/5 8:00am Newman L 18 AB/CD Flighted
8/12 8:30am The Den at Fox Creek A 19  
8/16 (M) 8:30am Soangetaha CC R 20  
8/19 8:00am Parkview L 21  
8/26 8:30am Bunker Links A 22  
9/2 8:00am Coyote Creek L 23 Straight Scramble
9/9 8:30am ISU/Weibring A 24  
9/16 9:00am Lincoln Elks R 25  
9/23 9:00am Deer Park R 26  
9/30 9:00am Baker Park R 27  
10/7 8:30am Pekin CC L 28  
10/14 8:30am Kellogg L 29 Special event
10/28 6:00pm Ending Banquet Barrack's Inn    

Interested in joining? Contact one of these Leaders

Jerry Morey, Membership Secretary - - 309-369-4488

Ken Dawson, Co-Leader - Administration - cell: (309) 360-9006

Roger Nelson, Co-Leader - Event Management - - cell: (309) 424-6606
Sandtrapper League 2020 Leadership Team:
Ken Dawson, Co-Leader  focused on Administration    309-360-9006
Roger Nelson, Co-Leader focused on Events Management    309-424-6606
Jerry Morey, Treasurer/Membership Secretary    309-369-4488
Tom Custis,  Event Results Coordinator    309-213-5353
Dennis Forcum, Secretary /GCR Coordinator   309-696-7310
Al Kuhlmann, Web-Site Coordinator   309-657-1427
Scott Jordan, Special events Coordinator   309-453-5478
Steve Bare, Yellow Vest Coordinator    309-453-2604  



General League Information

Peoria Sandtrappers Golf League is a group of golfers who get together to play the game they love.  We do not discriminate on the basis of age, playing ability, race, nationality, or gender.  Emphasis is on fun, fellowship, variety, and friendly competition.  We schedule 27 events, most played on Thursday mornings (exceptions for holiday conflicts, or weather make-ups).  We play on a variety of local and area courses, with different foursome pairings each week.  For variety, a few times a year we play some form of a scramble format.  Most weeks we play “Sandtrapper Golf”, which is described below.  When we play a different format or the course we are playing has specific instructions, information will be communicated the week prior to the event.  We encourage our members to participate in as many events as possible, regardless of location or format.

Members are encouraged to use the website ( for weekly information and sign-up.  Sign-up should be made no later than 4pm on Monday of each week.  Foursomes are set and published on Tuesday.  (If you have an emergency and need to cancel after foursomes are set, please contact Ken Dawson at (309) 360-9006.)

Pace of Play—All players must use riding golf carts.  An individual’s score on any one hole is limited to eight (8), so if you are lying seven (7), and are not yet in the hole, pick up and take an eight (8).  Play “ready golf” and do your best to keep up with the group in front of you.

Prize Fund—A fee of $5 is collected each week when you check in to play.  TEAM PRIZES are announced after each event; prize money is awarded based on the amount of money collected at each event.  Individual winnings are recorded, accumulated and paid at the end of the season.

Handicaps—Handicaps are based on 90% of the difference between your average score and 70.  Handicaps do not include scores in the scramble events.

Modified Winter Rules – In all events we play modified winter rules where it is permissible to improve your lie by moving your ball with your club head a maximum of six inches, except when the ball lies in a sand trap or other hazard.  This does not allow “lift, clean, and place” nor does it allow moving the ball from rough to fairway (or vice-versa).

Sandtrapper Golf

Sandtrapper golf is a game where the standard rules of golf are modified in order to enhance enjoyment, reduce stress, and improve pace of play; yet retain the challenge of golf while maintaining fair and friendly competition.  Modifications are:

Drives—All players drive.  Each player chooses one of the four drives, and drops his ball within a club length (no closer to the hole).  Each player then plays his own ball from that point in to the hole. (If a group is playing as a threesome, the players alternate hitting a fourth drive on each hole.)

Mulligans—A player is allowed two mulligans per round.  These may be taken at any time during the eighteen holes except NOT on a drive, NOT on the green, and NOT in any sand trap or other hazard. A player must announce that a mulligan is being hit at the spot of the original shot. Once a mulligan is hit it must be played even if it is worse than the original shot.  Since the second mulligan may be played at any time, it is permissible to take your second mulligan in lieu of playing your first mulligan (but then you are out of mulligans for the remainder of the round.)

Gimmees—A player, at his own discretion only, may pick up a putt that is less than 18 inches.  Such a pick-up will count as one stroke.

Lost Ball—If after a reasonable attempt, a player cannot find his ball, he may drop a ball in the vicinity where he expected it to be and take a one-stroke penalty.

Out-of-Bounds—If a shot, other than a drive, is hit out-of-bounds a player may drop a ball within a club length of where he estimates it crossed the out-of-bounds line and take a one-stroke penalty.  A drive hit out-of-bounds is out-of play, and one of the other drives must be chosen for the next shot.

Ball hit into water—Move ball to ball-drop area; if no ball drop area, anywhere behind water in a straight line back from the pin; in either case a one-stroke penalty applies.  If the ball has cleared the water hazard and rolled back in, the next shot may be taken from the far side of the water within two club lengths of where the ball entered the water, but no closer to the hole than the spot where the ball re-crossed the margin of the hazard.  A one-stroke penalty applies.

Sand Trap—A player whose ball is in a sand trap may, at his own discretion, pick up his ball and drop it outside the trap and NO CLOSER TO THE HOLE; one-stroke is added to the players score if this option is elected.

Note: In any of these cases involving a penalty, a player may attempt to avoid the penalty by using one of his mulligans (if one is still available).

Ball in close proximity to a tree trunk—player may move ball up to two club lengths from base of the trunk of the tree, not closer to the hole—No penalty.

Ball in a bush or evergreen tree—player whose ball is inside a bush or evergreen, or so close that his swing is impeded, may move ball up to one club length outside the edge of the bush or evergreen, not closer to the hole—No penalty.

Ball on cart path, in an area marked Ground Under Repair, or in standing water—player may move ball, not closer to the hole, to a position that removes ball from the situation—No penalty.

Application of all Sandtrapper Golf Modifications

Actual on-course application of the modifications that have been adopted is up to the individual player.  A player may always choose to follow the regular rules of golf.  We trust in the individual’s honesty, integrity, and sense of fair play, to avoid abuse of these modifications that are intended to make the game more enjoyable for all. Abuses that have been observed, and are discouraged include: (1) picking up a putt that is clearly outside the guidelines for a “gimmee”; (2) clearly improving your lie by dropping a ball well outside the one or two club length guidelines, or by dropping it in the fairway when the shot is in the rough; (3) making any drop closer to the hole; (4) using more than two mulligans; and (5) intentionally giving the score keeper an incorrect tally of your strokes.

Rules last updated: 12/20/2020