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Welcome, Sandtrappers! New & Returning Members & Guests!

Hello! and WELCOME

to the Sandtrappers Golf League website.

To learn more about our Thursday Morning Men's League

contact a Committee member (listed below) for more information.

Everyone is welcome - from 18 to ???.

You do not have to be retired or live in Peoria to join.

Attention!!!  Questions or Change Requests on Pairings from August 10 - August 25 Contact: 

Dennis Forcum         309-696-7310               

Roger Hutchinson    309-444-5969              

David  Groves           309-212-0059               
Ken Dawson will be unavailable during that time period)


Next Week: We have a special flighted outing at Metamora Fields! Our players will be divided into two sets of foursomes. One set will be made up of 2 A players and 2 B players. They will play from the white tees at 5793 yards. The other set will have 2 C players and 2 D players in each foursome. They will be playing from the red tees at 4939 yards. The Prize Pool will be divided in half as well: One half for the A/B Flight and one half for the C/D Flight.
We had 90 players at Parkview - Let's break 100 players next Thursday at Metamora Fields, this is one of our favorite courses. They have a great practice set-up with a pitching green with sand trap, putting green and the driving range will be set-up with free ranges balls. At just $35, this is one of our best values - and it is close to home! Don't miss this fun outing!!!
August 16th - Metamora Fields - Metamora - 8:00 am Shotgun Start - $35 - A/B & C/D Flighted Event - Sandtrapper Golf - A/B on White Tees, C/D on Red Tees -- Lunch $8.00 - Grilled Choice of Hot Dog, Hamburger, Chicken or Pork sandwich with chips and soft drink
While online be sure to sign-up for our other upcoming events also so we can alert the courses on how many to plan for.

Upcoming Events: 

September 6th - Ironwood - Normal - 8:30 am Shotgun Start - $31 - Sandtrapper Golf - Lunch: $6.00: Hot Dog or $8.00 Gondola, both with chips, cookie, and water or soft drink.
September 13th - Newman - Peoria - 8:00 am Shotgun Start - $27.25 - Sandtrapper Golf - Lunch: $5.00 Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Ham, or Turkey, $4.50 Hot Dog, $5.00 Brat or Polish Sausage
August 23rd - Edgewood Park - McNabb - 8:30 am Shotgun Start - Sandtrapper Golf - $27 -- Lunch $8.00: Choice of BBQ or Pulled Pork sandwich - both with chips, cookie, and soft drink.
August 30th - Weaver Ridge - Peoria - 8:00 am Shotgun Start - Regular Best Ball Scramble - $39 -- Lunch: $6.00 for Hot Dog, Roast Beef, or Turkey sandwich, $7.00 for Grilled Chicken sandwich, or $8.00 for Cheesburger - all with chips and water or soft drink.
Log in now to signup for our next outings! If you are not a member, then scroll to the bottom of this page and call or email one of the Committee members to get set up to play. (You can play as a guest the first time or two to be sure it is a good fit for you!)


    2018 Sandtrapper Schedule            
Date Course Location Starting Time Starting Tees AB Flight CD Flight Games *Average Drive Min.
12 Apr Kick-off Lunch

By Jonah's

Noon   Eastport Banquet Center  
24-Apr Madison Peoria 8:26 Blue Sandtrapper 20
26-Apr Mt. Hawley Peoria 9:00 Gold Sandtrapper 17
3-May Pine Lakes Washington 8:00 Dual AB-W CD-R AB/CD Flighted 19
10-May Lincoln Elks Lincoln 8:30 White Sandtrapper 50
17-May Kellogg Peoria 7:30 Gold Sandtrapper 18
24-May Prairie Vista Bloomington 8:30 Green Sandtrapper 45
31-May Metamora Fields Metamora 8:00 White Sandtrapper 23
7-Jun Pontiac Elks Pontiac 9:00 Green Sandtrapper 65
14-Jun Coyote Creek Bartonville 8:00 White Straight Best-Ball Scramble 28
21-Jun ISU Weibring Normal 8:00 Red Sandtrapper 42
28-Jun Quail Meadow Washington 8:00 Red Sandtrapper 17
5-Jul Kewanee Dunes Kewanee 8:30 Red Sandtrapper 57
12-Jul Lick Creek Pekin 8:00 Red Sandtrapper 25
19-Jul Bunker Links Galesburg 8:30 Gold Modified Scramble 57
26-Jul The Den Bloomington 8:30 Green Sandtrapper 46
2-Aug Parkview Pekin 8:00 Red Sandtrapper 27
9-Aug Baker Park Kewanee 8:30 Red Sandtrapper 62
16-Aug Metamora Fields Metamora 8:00 Dual AB-W CD-R AB/CD Flighted 23
23-Aug Edgewood McNabb 8:30 Red Sandtrapper 50
30-Aug Weaver Ridge Peoria 8:00 White Straight Best-Ball Scramble 18
6-Sep Ironwood Normal 8:30 Red Sandtrapper 43
13-Sep Newman Peoria 8:00 Gold Sandtrapper 18
20-Sep Wolf Creek Pontiac 9:00 Red Sandtrapper 73
27-Sep Arrowhead Chillicothe 8:00 Gold Sandtrapper 26
4-Oct Soangetaha Galesburg 8:30 Silver Sandtrapper 51
11-Oct Kellogg Peoria 8:00 Gold Sandtrapper 18
18-Oct Pine Lakes Washington 8:00 White Sandtrapper 19
25 Oct - Closing Banquet - Barrack's Inn. Pioneer Pk 6:00pm        
* Average Drive Min. = Average of the driving time from Peoria Richwoods, Morton, Chillicothe, and Washington High Schools          

Committee for the PSGL 2018 Golf Season:

Ken Dawson  / President                         309-360-9006                  

Jerry Morey / Treasurer/Membership Secretary            309-369-4488

Roger Hutchinson / Meals/Banquet Coordinator    309-444-5969 

David Groves / Prize Coordinator            309-212-0059                  

Ron Osborne / Secretary                           309-253-9062                  

Dennis Forcum / Pairings Assistant         309-696-7310              



General Information for the 2018 Golf Season

Peoria Sandtrappers Golf League will play each Thursday in 2017 from April 19th through October 18th. Of the 27 total outings, 9 are local courses within a 20 minute average drive time for our overall membership. This was calculated by taking the average of the drive times from high schools in the four centers of our members residences: Richwoods, Morton, Washington and Chillicothe High Schools; 6 are at area courses (21 – 30 minute Average Drive Time); and 12  are at regional courses (> 30 minute average drive time). Please try to participate in as many events as possible.  

As a PSGL member, you can use the website ( to sign up for weekly events no later than 11:00 Tuesday before each event or to cancel out of an event. Foursomes are set and published on Tuesday afternoon. (If you decide to play or need to cancel after foursomes have been published Tuesday afternoon contact Ken Dawson (309) 360-9006

SANDTRAPPER GOLFSandtrapper golf is a modified version of regular golf and shamble golf.

Foursome:  All players tee off. Players then select their preferred drive and each player then plays his own ball from there into the hole and posts his score. (Note: a player may choose his own drive rather than the selected team drive). There are no rules stating that each player’s drive has to be used X number of times.

Threesome: These rules apply also to threesomes with the exception that in the threesome the players can alternate hitting an extra drive on each hole for the “Blind” player.

The computer will calculate the overall score for the Blind.

MODIFIED SCRAMBLE – this format combines Regular Golf and Scramble Golf.  The D player plays his own ball and records his score on holes numbered 1-3, the A, B, and C players play a standard Scramble and that score is assigned to each player.  The C player plays holes numbered 4 - 7; the B player plays holes numbered 8 -12; and the A player plays holes numbered 13-15.

HANDICAPS - We use 70 as par for all courses. Your handicap is 90% of the difference between your average score and 70. Handicaps are calculated on all rounds played with the exception of Peoria and Modified Scrambles.

ELIMINATE SLOW PLAY - To speed up play all players must take carts; and a MAXIMUM of eight (8) strokes are allowed on each hole.

SPECIAL RULES pertaining to this week’s EVENT– Players will be notified of any special rules which may apply for the day, including which tees to use or other special requests by the golf course (like 90 degree cart rules, etc.).

Sandtrapper SPECIAL RULES regarding play at all EVENTS:

·         A player is allowed two mulligans per round.

·         Putts “inside 15 inches” maybe given at the discretion of the A player.

·         If a player is unsuccessful in extricating his ball from a greenside sand trap on his first attempt, he has the option of hitting the ball again from the sand trap or moving his ball outside the sand trap, no closer to the hole and playing from there, incurring a one (1) stroke penalty.

A FEE OF $5, for prize money, is collected each week when you check in at the course to play. If you have paid your fee and a Rain-Out is declared, your fee is carried over to your next outing. WINNERS are announced after each event. Prize money for 1st   $12; 2nd $10; 3rd $9; etc. are awarded based on the amount of money collected at each event. If there is a tie all teams get the same amount of money.  eg: if 3 teams tie for 3rd all players receive $9.00. Efforts are made to pay as many places as possible.  Individual prize winnings are recorded and awarded at the End of Season dinner.

RIDING GOLF CARTS - All players must use riding carts. The committee informs the golf course as to the number of carts we will need for each outing. 

Golf in the Sandtrapper Golf League should be fun, relatively stress-free, and retain a bit of competitiveness

As the Committee reviewed and revised the General Rules of Golf every attempt was made to provide rules consistent with those goals.   

1.      Ball Hit Out of Bounds

·         On balls hit Out of Bounds, the player

1)      May use a mulligan, if available, and hit another shot from the spot where the original ball was played.  No penalty is assessed.

2)      If the player does not have a mulligan, he must hit another shot from the spot where the original ball was played.  Penalty – stroke and distance. 

2.      Ball Hit into the Water –


·         On balls hit into a Water Hazard, the player has two (2) options:

1)      Use a mulligan, if available, and hit another shot from the spot where the original ball was played.  No penalty is assessed.

2)      Move up to the BALL DROP area and hit from there.  A one (1) stroke penalty is assessed.

3)      If the ball had cleared the water hazard and rolled back in – the next shot can be taken from the opposite side of the water – within two (2) club lengths of where the ball entered the water but NOT nearer the hole.  A one (1) stroke penalty is assessed.

3.      Ball Behind a Tree

·         Move ball two (2) club lengths from the trunk of the tree – NOT nearer the hole - NO Penalty is incurred.

4.      Ball in a Bush or Under a Pine Tree -

·         Move the ball two (2) club lengths from the outside edge of the bush or the outside edge of the pine tree branches – NOT nearer the hole – NO Penalty is incurred.

5.      Ball on a Cart Path

·         Move the ball to either side of the cart path that allows you a free swing at the ball after you have replaced it – NOT nearer the hole - and play your next shot from there - NO Penalty is incurred.

6.      Ball in an area marked Ground Under Repair (GUR) or in standing water

·         Move your ball – NOT nearer the hole – that removes you from either situation and play your next shot from there - NO Penalty is incurred.

7.      Provisional Ball versus a Mulligan

·         Provisional Ball: a provisional ball can be played anytime a player is not sure if the ball he has just hit is still in play.  A player MUST announce that he is playing a provisional ball prior to the ball being hit.  If the player’s original ball is found to be in play, the player must play his original ball and incurs no penalty.  If the original ball is not found, or is found but deemed unplayable, the player then plays the provisional ball and incurs a PENALTY of one (1) stroke.

·         Mulligans: each player is allowed two (2) mulligans per round; and can be used at any time, except on the green or in a greenside sand trap. A player must announce that he is hitting a mulligan prior to the ball being hit.  Once a mulligan is hit, the player must play the mulligan, even if the ball is shorter than the first shot or is not playable and requires a penalty to continue.

(Note: If a player plays a provisional ball and after finding his original ball in play BUT not in as good a position as his provisional, the player CANNOT then call his provisional ball a mulligan.)

Committee for the PSGL 2016 Golf Season:

Ken Dawson / President                                309-360-9006 

Jerry Morey / Treasurer, Member Coord.    309-369-4488 

Roger Hutchinson / Lunch Coord.                 309-444-5969

David Groves / DB & Photos                         309-212-0059

Ron Osborne / Secretary                               309-253-9062